Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

Rocco Sr. has been building homes for nearly 40 years. Starting his career building everything from condos and apartments to new home construction and renovation, Rocco Sr. has built a reputation as one of the San Gabriel Valley’s most respected homebuilders. Additionally, Rocco Sr. is a recognized expert at restoring period homes to their original grandeur while discretely incorporating new technology to maintain the project’s original character. That experience gives Rocco Sr. a unique vantage point from which to oversee projects; both to see where a project can go, as well as the ability to see pitfalls before they occur.

Construction Supervisor
Working across the country, Jess Trejo has developed an extensive knowledge of specialty construction in both residential and commercial construction over the past thirty years.
Jess began with Sanello Construction more than 25 years ago and quickly worked his way to become the company’s most relied upon supervisor. After a prestigious mid-west builder has lured Jess and his family to Chicago for a few years, Jess returned to Sanello Construction to take the helm as the company’s construction supervisor. With a specific expertise in finished carpentry, Jess has become one of the regions most well-rounded builders, honing an expertise in all aspects of the homebuilding process.

Vice-President, Client Services and Operations
After fifteen years working daily by his fathers’ side, Rocco Jr. has come to excel in his own right ensuring that every aspect of every project meets the Sanello Construction standard. Now, Rocco Jr. serves as the primary point of contact; ensuring seamlessness in the management of each project and allowing for ease of communication with every homeowner.

Vice-President & Chief Financial Officer
Over the course of nearly 40 years’ worth of projects, Mary Jo Sanello has handled all financial issues for Sanello Construction, processing nearly $100,000,000 in construction costs over those years. Additionally, she handles all Compliance, HR, Payroll, Vendor Payment, and Bid Preparation.

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